The Last Mile Revolution

By Mike Moss, SIOR Director of Industrial Properties There’s a revolution brewing in the industrial and retail segments of commercial real estate, soon to be in full swing in every tertiary market in the United States. As consumers, we all seem to be enamored by the ...More

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Working to Achieve 100% Occupancy

By Brian Fernandez, Office Specialist When it comes to Real Estate, the biggest factor in Selling or Leasing is location, location, location. Just as important, although unseen, is the interaction between Broker and Landlord. This communication is vital to an effective relationship and is a must ...More

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No One Succeeds Alone

“No one succeeds alone.” Prima facie, this quote puts any successful businessman or businesswoman on the defense. However, let it sink in. Chances are you will find yourself nodding in agreement, thinking of the person who helped you get your big break or the person ...More

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