//No One Succeeds Alone

No One Succeeds Alone

Gloria Scalise

“No one succeeds alone.” Prima facie, this quote puts any successful businessman or businesswoman on the defense. However, let it sink in. Chances are you will find yourself nodding in agreement, thinking of the person who helped you get your big break or the person you helped to get his/her big break. Perhaps both. “No one succeeds alone.” On the contrary, “Everyone succeeds with others.” We succeed in community and in relationships as a Team.

This philosophy articulates precisely the tried and true principle upon which Lightle Beckner Robison Inc. has been built on for the past 20 years. “No one succeeds alone” is why Lightle Beckner Robison Inc. refers to themselves as TEAM LBR. “No one succeeds alone” is the reason that each agent in our office has an area of specialization, enabling the company as a whole to bring expertise to each and every transaction.

“No one succeeds alone” is the reason we consider every client we serve to be an essential part of the Team. It is also the reason Team LBR has welcomed their new Business Development Manager, Gloria Connor-Scalise, to the team.  

Gloria grew up in Melbourne Beach only leaving to pursue higher education in Virginia. Working her way through college by investing in real estate, she obtained her B.S. and M.A.R. from Liberty University. After graduating Gloria co-founded a residential real estate team and earned her spot as one of the top ten producers in the area. However, when presented with the opportunity to bring her adoring husband, Brian, and adorable daughter, Lydia, home to Melbourne, the decision was easy. “Even after living in Virginia for thirteen years, Melbourne has always been Home Sweet Home. And it feels more like home now than ever before!”  

As Business Development Manager for Team LBR, Gloria has had the privilege of meeting and engaging with those whose efforts have advanced Brevard County into the flourishing metropolis it is today. “The citizens of Brevard are notably ambitious, creative and professional. Yet despite their high levels of success, they are refreshingly approachable, warm and welcoming. I sincerely leave everyone I meet thinking what an honor it is to know such an outstanding individual.” 

While Gloria may be new to Brevard, most of Brevard is not new to Lightle Beckner Robison Inc. Gloria affirms being part of Team LBR is a privilege she does not take lightly. “It is rare to work at a company where each associate’s character is as impressive as his skill. I have noticed, more often than not, that when people learn I work at Lightle, Beckner, Robison, Inc. they compliment not only the expertise of one of our Team members but their character as well.” It is this incredible reputation that has aligned Team LBR with so many other like-minded businessmen and businesswomen in Brevard.  

No one succeeds alone. Everyone succeeds with others. Team LBR thanks you for letting us succeed with you. We’re your team, Team LBR.

Want to meet the newest member of Team LBR?  

Gloria Scalise

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