Leasing Services

At Lightle Beckner Robison, Inc. we believe that Leasing is the backbone of all successful commercial development and asset management. While this sounds very obvious, most owners do not take the time understand that the company they hire must be committed to performing the property management services on a daily basis that will directly result in asset maximization.

Lightle Beckner Robison, Inc. began with a Leasing focus and has never forgotten that this single service is responsible for the success or failure of every property on the street. While many companies begin this way, few continue to keep Leasing as a priority as they grow and move to other services and developing for their own portfolios.

Through our specialization and team approach, Lightle Beckner Robison, Inc. achieves the owner’s Leasing objectives through:
  • Diligent prospecting—primarily through direct canvassing (cold calls) of targeted prospects which has allowed us to create our own database of over 1,500 prospects including their key data (i.e. lease expiration, rates, etc.)
  • High visibility community involvement and leadership positions
  • Upon locating a prospect, knowing through the experience of closing over 1,500 lease transactions, how to close the deal!
    1. Meeting the prospect on site for thorough tours of the property pointing out the benefits of our location and situation
    2. Presenting the proposal in a timely manner and in such a form that is conducive to a quick and successful negotiation and meeting of the minds
    3. Negotiation of the terms and conditions and while maximizing our ownership position, still working to achieve a win-win transaction
    4. Successfully negotiating the lease document and not allowing it to hamper the successful completion of all the work to get to this point
    5. Providing build-out assistance in order to make sure the tenant is in and open in a timely manner with as few problems as possible
  • Our greatest statement about the success of our Leasing Services is the amount of repeat business we get as we truly create win-win transactions!
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