//Why Do You Need A Performance Manager?

Why Do You Need A Performance Manager?

By Rhonda Butler, Marketing and Performance Manager

When I started working at “Lightle Commercial” in 2008, we were a company on the cusp of our greatest growth since its inception in 1996. In 2008 we had one broker, two agents, and an office administrator. We had, maybe, 50 commercial real estate listings. Our marketing consisted of our website. That’s it.

Rhonda Butler, Marketing and Performance Manager

Jettison to 2017…we’re not that company any longer. We are a better, stronger, more vibrant extension of our humble beginning. Much of our growth will be attributed to our leadership and vision. Those three men, who in 2010, decided to form a corporation, now known as Lightle Beckner Robison, Inc., a decision that, in my estimation, catapulted our company to a bigger vision with more heart behind it to power it to what it is today. We are now a company with broad commercial real estate expertise, with over 270 commercial real estate listings, and over 1,000,000 square feet of managed assets. We have seven brokers and three full-time licensed production managers and two part-time licensed assistants each with focused responsibilities. All our Team working together enables us to be a force in commercial real estate in East Central Florida.

What we’ve learned with the fast growth of our company and Team LBR staff is that with the high volumes that we manage in real estate listings and assets it is critical that we manage it well. It’s a lot to handle for a small company. Yes, we are small, but we are also big—that’s where “Performance Management” comes into play. How does a small number of Team members create and manage a high volume of successful transactions (198 closed in 2016)? By putting systems in place that streamline processes. By creating checklists and finding software that fits those needs. By finding teammates that have a variety of strengths that are different, yet complimentary.

So how did I come into the role of Performance Manager? Gradually and diligently. Thank goodness. I can’t imagine coming into a “busting at the seams” company that didn’t have a focus or any systems in place to get the work done and then being tasked to try and mold it into a streamlined, smooth-running corporation. Fortunately for me, I was with this company when we were “small” and was able to grow up with it.

My background is in a small family-owned quick printing company here in South Brevard. While I was working in quick printing and walking around a table full of stacks of paper collating those stacks to create heat sheets for an upcoming sporting event that needed them by five o’clock, I had no idea it was preparing me for my current position. I had to find the fastest way to get things done, accurately. Streamlined processes are the heart of “quick printing”.

I’ve come to realize that so many of the things I learned in my family business would carry me to where I am today—as the Performance Manager of one of the most successful Commercial Real Estate Companies in East Central Florida. So mom and dad, thank you for the gift you gave me and the preparation you provided me by allowing me to grow up in a family owned business so that I could have the opportunity I have now as the Performance Manager for a successful company with the tagline “Leaders By Performance”

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