//Florida Governor Rick Scott Proclaims October is Manufacturers Month

Florida Governor Rick Scott Proclaims October is Manufacturers Month

The hit Broadway Musical “Hamilton” has renewed interest in Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of the United States Treasury in 1791. With passion and detail, this visionary submitted his report on Manufacturers to Congress. He laid out the path for the United States to gain specific economic advantages, independent of foreign nations, by encouraging the growth of manufacturing in the newly formed United States of America.  Two hundred twenty-six years after Hamilton’s report, Florida’s Governor Rick Scott issued a proclamation, “October 1 is the start of Manufacturing Month.” It is time to celebrate American manufacturers who continue to create products that dramatically improve the lives of people all over the world and drive the economy.

A Space Coast Economic Development Commission (EDC) initiative led to the creation of the Manufacturing Association of Florida’s Space Coast (MASC). Lightle Beckner Robison is proud to be a Founding Affiliate Member of MASC. It is the voice for Brevard County’s robust manufacturing base whose efforts are to promote, advocate for and change misconceptions about manufacturing. To inspire the next generation of manufacturers, with thoughts for Florida’s future, the EDC launched a pilot program known as CPT. The course teaches baseline manufacturing skills to meet the demand and fuel growth of this exciting sector of Brevard County’s economy. Administered via Eastern Florida State College, the Certified Production Technician ten-week program is a first step for those with interest in the field of manufacturing. The demand for skilled quality entry-level workers has never been greater. Visit www.spacecoastedc.org/CPT for more information.

Over 500 manufacturers call Brevard County home and new manufacturers are arriving to do business in Brevard every month. “The National Association of Manufacturers reports nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will be needed over the next decade,” states Mike Ennis, Manufacturing Engineer at Harris Corp. and Chairman of MASC. There is a route to enter U.S. manufacturing if you have a high school diploma with CPT, an advanced degree, or at any point in your career or educational level.

Today’s high-tech manufacturing is in a modernized, sophisticated work environment with clean rooms and an atmosphere controlled work area. Research and Development in manufacturing is constantly creating and enhancing existing products. 3D Printing, projected to grow by 31 percent by 2020 is on the cusp of changing modern engineering as we know it. Lending itself to applications as diverse as lightweight aerospace structures, Additive Manufacturing fabricates parts by building them up layer by layer as opposed to cutting away or molding parts. A new modern manufacturing workforce attracts engineers and scientists. Diverse manufacturing career opportunities exist for robotic technology, welders, assemblers, engineers, electricians, fabricators, designers, operations managers, computer programmers, operators, machinists, and researchers.

U.S. manufacturing comprises nearly 12 percent of our Gross Domestic Product. Every dollar spent in Manufacturing equates to $1.40 to the U.S. Economy. Manufacturing creates the products that enrich our lives, drive the economy and impact the world. Large or small, start-up or well established, you can connect with a local manufacturing expert today to discuss opportunities for your company to do business in Brevard County. Lightle Beckner Robison Industrial Team (LBRI), Mike Moss, SIOR, VP of Industrial Properties, Brian Lightle, CCIM, SIOR, and Donna Garson, Sales and Leasing Advisor, are excited to help you learn more about the business of manufacturing in Brevard County.  www.teamlbr.com.

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