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Attention Armchair Quarterbacks! Football season is here! Practices are in full swing for Pop Warner, high school, college and the NFL. By the time you read this, pre-season NFL games have already begun on TV.  Soon “Friday Night Lights” and great college rivalries will be ...More

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What Is S.C.P.I.?

During my 28 years in the Commercial Real Estate business, I have seen many companies share their list of corporate values. Many are compiled to create clever acronyms, words or messages, sometimes at the expense of real values. In 2015, Team LBR completed over 190 transactions on our way to ...More

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Boutique Firm or National?

Often times in the marketplace of commercial real estate many ponder the question, “Should I choose a national firm or a boutique firm?” This might come across as self-serving, but I do believe the facts are credible and they represent the 21st-century marketplace. How should ...More

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