Attention Armchair Quarterbacks! Football season is here!

Practices are in full swing for Pop Warner, high school, college and the NFL. By the time you read this, pre-season NFL games have already begun on TV.  Soon “Friday Night Lights” and great college rivalries will be broadcast all weekend long (plus Monday and Thursday Night Football).

Roster changes are being made to fill critical team positions making us wonder if the top draft picks will be successes or busts?  Were the right free agents signed to fill that needed position or will there be a hole in the lineup?

As a young boy growing up in Miami during the early 1970’s, I was fortunate to have seen firsthand possibly the greatest teamwork ever exhibited in the NFL; namely, the 1972 Miami Dolphins.  They were undefeated and Super Bowl Champs, even after having to use their backup quarterback Earl Morrall to help get them there when Bob Griese was out after week 5.  Players like Larry Csonka, Mercury Morris, Paul Warfield and the famous “No Name Defense”, all experts in their positions, gave 110% on every play.  (By the way, I am still a Dolphins fan but it has been downhill ever since….)

You might be asking yourself, “What does this have to do with Commercial Real Estate?”

At Team LBR…Everything!

In order for any team to truly succeed it must have a group of highly specialized experts, each performing their jobs at the highest level possible.  If the center cannot get the football to the quarterback, it really doesn’t matter how good the running backs or wide receivers play the game and the same analogy applies to our business.  If you are only able to get a listing but are not equipped to fully understand the property and how to market it, the property owner can’t be guaranteed any level of performance.

The medical field is also a business model based on specialization for specific needs like Team LBR. You would never go to a cardiologist if you were having problems with your ankle; you would find the best orthopedist experienced to work on your specific problem.  So, why would you approach solving your commercial real estate needs without reaching out to a specialist?

At Lightle Beckner Robison, our teamwork based business model operates and succeeds based on the same principles.  Each member of Team LBR has a specific role and expertise in the job that they perform, which makes the team successful for our clients.  When a business or property owner walks into our firm, they can be assured that the individual team members handling their CRE need are specialized experts, focusing on the area where the client need exists.

My role is that of “Player/Coach” (just like the old days of Dan Reeves with the Dallas Cowboys).  While I guide and manage the company on a daily basis (with help from a great support staff!), I also have my own clients and a Corporate Services Team and I assist each member in accomplishing their goals and performing to the best of their abilities on each account.

Our Office Team, led by Rob Beckner, focuses 24/7/365 on office related commercial real estate.  Handling a 200 SF executive suite or a 165,000 SF engineering office, Rob and his team are experts, living in the office market trenches everyday.  Working and successfully completing jobs for clients such as the American Cancer Society, Harris Corporation, Brookdale HealthCare and others has given the team many client referrals.

Jeff Robison leads our Retail Team who handle all types of retail related commercial real estate.  From Jeff’s leadership in the International Council of Shopping Centers, he has acquired  and successfully performed for clients such as Bass Pro Shops, 7-11, Jersey Mike’s and many more.  Equally important is his team’s ability to fill local retail space and work with all types of tenants from restaurants to hair salons.

Our Industrial Team is led by veteran Mike Moss who handles all types of Industrial properties from small bay warehouses to 200,000 SF logistics centers.  Mike’s ability to build long-term relationships with his clients helps him to meet and exceed the client’s CRE needs.  Successes for clients such as Ferguson Supply, Intersil, HD Supply and others have helped Team LBR become known as “Leaders by Performance”.

Team LBR can also assist with expert statewide and national corporate services, site selection, asset management, consulting and more.

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