The St. Johns Heritage Parkway

Published on May 3, 2016

The St. Johns Heritage Parkway

There are many who are wondering… Will it really happen? What will it look like when it is done? Will it open up opportunities for the county? What is all the talk about? 

The St. John’s Heritage Parkway! This new parkway will have limited accesses by pass around the most southern part of Brevard County with a direct connect to the Melbourne International Airport. The project will also include a third interchange at I-95 Palm Bay on the Brevard County border. For a more graphic and detailed explanation please follow the link: 


This project has broken ground and is in various phases of design and construction. My goal is not to give a detailed explanation of the Parkway; I have provided a resource so that you can explore the project and the design, the route, etc. Additional resources are offered by Brevard County and the City of West Melbourne, as well as the FDOT.  I wanted to create awareness of a project that has been underway for many years and will be a game changer for the area.

There are many economic factors that will be improved as a result of this project,  my favorite being RETAIL. I fully expect this to provide at least three if not four retail nodes at various sections along the Parkway as it is developed. If you agree, email or tweet me your thoughts at or @JeffTRobison on twitter. 

The additional changes that the Parkway will have on Brevard include a quicker commute during peak traffic hours and less of a backup on Palm Bay Road, Malabar Road and Minton Road. The parkway will provide alternate routes for commuters that I believe will be heavily used and will create those new RETAIL nodes.

If you were to fly over Brevard to determine where the county can grow,  you would quickly see that there is a large potential for growth south and west and the Parkway will be one of the pillars to stimulate that growth. There is a tremendous amount of land around the path of the Parkway that will be the source for many new neighborhoods. There is also property along that corridor that can host new companies ready to move in which will provide jobs to current and new residents. 

I know that there are many exciting economic engines revving in Brevard that are more direct and present including Space, Jets, Defense, High Tech, Manufacturing and others that are creating jobs which is exciting, but without solid roadways to accommodate the population, our growth will be suffocating. This is an exciting project that will have a significant impact on Brevard.  

The St. Johns Heritage Parkway
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