“Keeping up with the Jetsons” – The new TeamLBR.com

Published on May 27, 2016

“Keeping up with the Jetsons” – The new TeamLBR.com

I am sure that many of you remember the Saturday morning cartoon show called “The Jetsons” that showcased the futuristic family and all of the unique advances that changed how they lived.   From George to his boy Elroy, daughter Judy and Jane, his wife, it was always fun to see what the creators in the 1960s imagined what technology and life would look like today.  While I still don’t have the flying car that folds up into a briefcase, many things have changed dramatically since that time.

Moving ahead to my college years at Florida Southern, I remember making sure I selected the smartest person in the class as my computer programming partner when we learned COBOL and FORTRAN using the punch card systems and sliding them into the machine.  I never really did understand the how and the why.  As I was graduating in the early 1980s, we received a big shipment one day of these things called Macintosh and they sat on your desk, not in some big cold room.  Unfortunately for me, I graduated before getting to spend any real time learning about those game-changing machines.

During the late 1990s while trying to grow my Commercial Real Estate business in East Central Florida as a very small shop (just me), I reached out to an internet company that I met at a Chamber event to learn how I might utilize this new tool to help my business be more efficient and productive for my clients.  Traditionally, people calling for property information would ask you to fax the flyers for their review and while I was out on the road quite often, getting the information to the prospect in a timely manner became a challenge.  After learning about the internet, I set up a website where people could go and see the property information online without me having to fax them a flyer once I got back to the office.

Jetsons LBR technologyI don’t have to discuss how the internet has changed our world and continues to change how we all do business on a daily basis.  For example, I have learned several facts that continue to verify and reiterate the need for the best website possible.

First, people today are no longer willing to patiently wait several days for a return callback with information as we are an instant gratification based society.  As this applies to our business, we have learned that the average person is expecting to be able to gather their information and get a response to questions within 20 minutes of their initial inquiry.

Second, more than 60% of website searches are performed from mobile devices today such as iPads, tablets or smartphones so your site must function well in the mobile capacity, not just on the desktop.

So why all of this computer and internet discussion?

At Team LBR we try to stay on the forefront of technology to maximize our client experience with our firm.  Technology is changing so rapidly that the website, hardware, software and machines that worked well several years ago are probably already obsolete.

I am proud to introduce you to our new TeamLBR.com which we believe will make the client experience a much faster way to the information they are requesting and ultimately result in helping more people get what they want.

Our Marketing Manager, Rhonda Butler has worked diligently researching many sites to select the key elements we wanted to include and has created a great, industry leading site.

Please take a minute to visit the new TeamLBR.com and send me an email to let us know what you think and then select a new property and buy it!

By Brian L. Lightle, CCIM, SIOR

President | Broker, Lightle Beckner Robison, Inc.

“Keeping up with the Jetsons” – The new TeamLBR.com
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