//Collaboration is Key

Collaboration is Key

Holly CarverBy Holly Carver 
North Brevard Advisor and Sales Associate
How do you sell a 93-year-old building in Titusville that isn’t on the market to an aerospace company in Denver? You know your market. You know your community. You know your client.
I recently had the pleasure of selling one of the most iconic properties in Titusville, Florida, the Historic Walker Hotel and First Federal Bank Building. These two adjacent properties make up an entire city block of Historic Downtown Titusville. The retail space on the first floor was activated by the previous owners. The second and third floors of this 1924 property, with its crumbling plaster walls and cast-iron sinks, have sat vacant and in decay for more than half a century. This is all about to change!
With several aerospace contracts on the Space Coast, Barry Hamilton of Red Canyon Software reached out to the Economic Development Commission of the Space Coast to find a site for his east coast operations. Under the code name “Project Grande” the team headed to Titusville. As the North Brevard Advisor and Sales Associate at LBR, I was happy to join them for lunch in historic downtown to share my market knowledge of Titusville. I quickly learned that Barry was looking for a very specific property “mixed use, in the hubzone, preferably distressed and/or historic, with retail/commercial on the bottom and apartments above.” There was nothing on the market that quite fit this description; however, we were seated just steps from the Walker Hotel so I asked him to look out window. About 20 years ago, I happened to be with the owners, Joe and Huey Davis, to tour this circa 1920 property when they decided to buy it. I had developed a friendship with them and after a quick phone call, I was escorting Barry and the EDC team through the maze of 1920’s hotel rooms. Check out a video of the interior of the building here.

This is one specific example of how Team LBR works. From site selection through acquisition and beyond, our Team LBR is capable and committed to providing meaningful services.
Team LBR has expert market knowledge, sincere community relationships and the diligence to get to know and listen to our clients. But we don’t stop there!
While the EDC remained instrumental in connecting them from Denver with key stakeholders and organizations related to their aerospace endeavors, I served as their local representative in North Brevard offering insight and direct connections to help navigate the local politics and gather relevant resources. The blighted condition of the property and the potential economic impact of Red Canyon made it an ideal candidate to apply for incentives with the North Brevard Economic Development Zone. The location in the City of Titusville also made it eligible for a matching grant through the Community Redevelopment Agency. I assisted the Red Canyon Team with the application processes and even attended local meetings on their behalf.
Red Canyon Announcement event hosted by the EDC on August 3
At the Red Canyon Announcement event hosted by the EDC on August 3, Barry’s wife, Laura Hamilton (“the boss” as he says), made this generous statement from the grand staircase in her closing speech. She has given me permission to share it:
“It would be impossible to underestimate the contributions of Holly Carver in the sourcing, acquisition, and transfer of 300 S. Washington to Launch Now.  As out-of-state buyers, we initially had trouble getting brokers to return our calls, let alone get actual listing information on properties. Holly proved to be a world-class professional with endless knowledge and resources. She not only sourced the building for us (which wasn’t publicly listed) but also navigated community relationships and stakeholders, from the City CRA to the Zone and other local businesses including banking, insurance and a handful of expert local contractors. Holly’s experience, relationships, insight, and perseverance has made this daunting project a great pleasure. Holly offered vital insider local information that helped expedite the entire process, from inspection and survey to appraisal and showings. Holly went above and beyond what would have been expected, to include taking professional photographs of the property on her own initiative (featured now on our website), researching the site in local museums, unearthing original building blueprints, even arranging sundowners with friendly neighbors along the way. Holly Carver is an extraordinary professional and endlessly enthusiastic local resource who is an invaluable asset to Launch Now and to Titusville.”
– Laura Hamilton, Developer/Owner, Launch Now LLC
There are obvious tangible results that will come from such an economic development effort. This project is transformational. However, there is intrinsic value in the intangible. Our multi-faceted team of industry experts allows us to bring to the table relevant experience, relationships, insight and determination that make us uniquely qualified to handle an infinite array of commercial transactions.
Please visit www.LaunchNow.space for more information, renderings, and project updates. Watch for marketing from Team LBR as we lease their commercial/retail spaces.
At Lightle Beckner Robison, Inc. things are different than I expected to find at a leading Commercial Real Estate firm. I imagined “Shark Tank”, but that’s not the case at all! Collaboration is encouraged, self-improvement is demanded, community participation is expected, team meetings start with thanks-giving, support staff are valued and we are equipped with state of the art resources and technology. I am honored to be a part of Team LBR and proud to add these assets to my experience.
Holly Carver 
North Brevard Advisor and Sales Associate
(321) 722-0707 x23
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