Asset Management

At Lightle Beckner Robison, Inc., we believe there is more to managing properties than just owning the right software. Twenty years of practical knowledge of how to handle every given situation that WILL happen is what we bring to the table. From having an outstanding stable of quality and responsive vendors to knowing when to bother our owners and when to just handle the situation, we believe that a common sense approach always produces the best results.

Our goal for every property management engagement is simple….maximize value while minimizing expenses. This requires a comprehensive program covering everything from initial property stabilization to evaluation of all current or required services. We offer management services from full and complete where we handle every aspect and forward monthly reports with a check for the profits, to supervision of the physical aspects of the property. We are willing to tailor our services to meet and exceed your expectations!

Here are just a few tools we use to maximize the value of your asset:

  • Multi-discipline expertise with experience in office, retail and industrial property
  • Focused effort on tenant retention as a way to minimize expenses
  • On-line maintenance request system for tenants
  • 24/7/365 access for all tenants to immediate and emergency help
  • Regular owner communication through a mutually agreed upon monthly reporting system, customized to meet ownership requirements
  • Annual budgeting to provide a gauge for success and effort
  • Our secret weapon is our belief that we would rather lease a space once by focusing on tenant retention as this is key to asset maximization